A choral of waves in the storm, the silence of the forest at dawn,
the hope of the sunsetting on the horizon of the city that never sleeps.

The chronicle of your story.
At every step.

A collection for true lovers of wood who yearn to emphasise ruggedness and natural beauty, and not suppress them.

Strive for it all – the sublime and humility. Use all your senses to return to perception of that which people have always been a part of.

Raw Nature + Organica Magnifice was created for more demanding customers. It is inspired by life in its rawest form and tastefully emphasises natural structures and detail.

Do you love the undisturbed drawing of tree-rings, right down to the last knot? Then you’ll be captivated by, for example, the Jumbo series, whose majestic floorboards are up to two times bigger than people.

Be inspired by selected décors from the Raw Nature & Organica Magnifice collection.

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