About us

We are Jan Valenčík & Lukáš Masár. We burn with a passion for wood, the as yet unconquered natural material.

We have been working and doing business with wood for almost 10 years. From delivering tree trunks and wood intermediates for furniture and floor manufacturing to our partners around the world, to importing the finished product: wooden flooring. We understand wood in its entirety, its possibilities and advantages. From the beginning we learned from the best in the field in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Italy. We know that there can be no achievement in any field without comprehensive knowledge and devotion.

We draw inspiration from our time spent at Carl Hansen & Søn. This Danish firm creates works of art, not merely incredible designer furniture, and this defines all that they do. We also gained additional valuable insights from our other partners. In Denmark from Mr. Nyrop-Larsen and in the Netherlands from the Van Roij family, who produce Original Chapel Parket luxury wooden floors. From the very beginning we had the opportunity to learn from the best, and to actually understand the differences between average commerce and true quality. Based on our experience and approach, our partners asked us to help them sell premium wooden floors in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The goal was to distribute a unique assortment and know-how in the domestic market and find suitable business partners. And yet because we had a specific vision and wished to offer a truly premium product, the best solution was to establish Valen&Masar as our own project.

As Valen&Masar we seek to help our customers, designers, and architects and to reduce the information vacuum around wood that afflicts our local market. We enable our clients to become co-creators of their homes and to obtain the wooden floor of their dreams. With us a customer need not submit to marketing pressure and sacrifice their initial vision. We work together to discover how they want to feel in their home, the overall design of the house, and their expectations. We want them to get the best for their money – a wooden floor that is part of their personal story.


What makes our products and approach exceptional

Each of our manufacturers ranks among the best in their field and is in certain respects completely special. This applies primarily to their approach and the know-how they project into the finished product. A perfect example is the Matita collection or Azalea fro Foglie D’Oro, where wooden elements are intertwined with brass and marble. You will see the difference from average wooden flooring not only in the exceptional products but even in the most basic finishes.

Indeed, even the machinery for manufacturing floors differs widely between manufacturers in terms of quantity and quality. For example, many shades and tones are not merely applied using oil or paint but arise in a holistic way through the working and treating of the wood. The Minster collection from Original Chapel Parket, for example, ranks among the elite, as their wood passes through up to 16 finishes in order to achieve unmatched appearance, colour, and character. For this reason, only the best materials are chosen for manufacturing in order that they meet the desired quality and requirements.

And yet it is the human factor that imagines, chooses, creates and builds, that no machine can replace. Without personal interest and the care our partners invest in their products, our work would not be what it is. A symphony of craftsmanship in which each individual piece influences the overall impression.

In the same way, the perfect wooden floor can never be created without the focused work of the best craftsmen. Even a very expensive floor covering may be easily destroyed if handled improperly during the laying process. Technology might help with laying your floor, but it cannot advise you how to proceed and what to avoid. Our experienced master floorers protect your investment and ensure a flawless result. With their approach they create works of art you will feel under your feet every day.


Our team

Lukáš Masár

Lukáš Masár

He knows all products, technologies, and technical processes inside out. He will take care of the calculations and plan the whole project with you.

+420 608 570 777

Jan Valenčík

Jan Valenčík

He is in charge of our warehouses and logistics and maintains strong and trusted relationships with our suppliers.

+420 608 909 877

Together we will tell the story of your unique floor

Yearning for a wooden floor that will be simply “yours”? Be part of the entire process – from selecting the wood and processing methods and consulting with architects and designers, to the final installation of the floor – always with complete control over how your dream will evolve.

We will make your vision a reality, no matter how specific or abstract it, by collaborating on the proposed design, selection, and subsequent care. You need not be limited by a catalogue – take your imagination on a walk in the woods. We will ensure that it returns full of eager anticipation.

Many clients who come to us at first have a range of doubts or preconceptions about wood. They worry about natural flaws in the boards, or how they will manage to care for a wooden floor.  Sometimes we feel that we are taught to think this way from childhood – to beware of the consequences of our flaws, and this leads us to seek only conservative solutions! While working with us, our customers relax and give themselves the space to finally feel what they truly want.

Often they discover that what they want is an entirely different floor than what they first considered. Instead of clean, smooth parquets they might choose more rustic, solid boards, perfect in their imperfection. Sometimes the opposite is true, and for this reason we must come to know our customers well, in order that they themselves may become the architects of their choice. It always comes down to personality, taste, and overall design.

Many people worry about cleaning wooden floors, but even for these customers a pleasant surprise awaits them. The truth is that the less you care for a wooden floor, the better it looks and the better it does. As it is naturally antibacterial, children can play on a wooden floor and it makes a welcome fixture in homes with allergies. Of course, wood has its own unique features, and for this reason we must work together to determine what works for you and to choose the wooden floor that suits you.


Distinctiveness comes from experience

The manufacturers we work with use not only sustainable modern technologies but also custom woodworking methods over 200 hundred years old, embodying a craftsmanship refined through the years and passed on from generation to generation. We know this because we visit them in person. Each piece of wood is chosen by hand, achieving an unrivalled standard for custom design and manufacture that our most discerning clients demand.

Whether the Valen&Masar floor of your choice is simple and minimalistic or bold and artistic, like all of our floors it will be the outcome of painstaking work, an expression of your personal style, and sure to endure for many years.

The floor is only the beginning

From the plinth to the stairs to the ceiling. Why limit yourself to a floor when you can have a unified look for the whole house? Tables, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes, closets and more – we can produce it all for you. Don’t worry that your furniture won’t have the right color. Thanks to our expanded selection you have endless ways to create an interior that meets your strict specifications.

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