We cooperate with renowned European manufacturers who, in addition to modern technologies, still use traditional, wood processing methods in use for 200 hundred years.

Foglie d’Oro

Italian manufacturer Foglie d’Oro embodies the story of a business that over the generations gained the hallmark of mastery. The family-run company Brotto, with more than 200 years of tradition, is the owner of sawmills and sustainable forests. It has historically focused on the production of luxury furniture in particular. However, its experience has allowed it to also develop its talents in floor-making, because it understands the floor as the largest and most important piece of furniture in the house; this is what makes its décors exceptional. Foglie d’Oro focuses exclusively on handcraft and every step of the production process is subject to strict control.

Origineel Chapel Parket

Only the finest European oaks and years of experience in their craft, from beginning to end – that is the credo of this family-run company from the Netherlands, whose roots reach back to the 19th century. Original Chapel Parket adhere to original methods and technologies as they were used in the past. Traditional craft, tried-and-tested over generations, gives expression to natural colours and looks and make it truly the very unique original.

Bassano Parquet

When you say Italy, most people automatically think of fashion, style and design. Have you ever thought that even a floor can be a matter of fashion? And it’s no different with Bassano Parquet. They’ve been in business since 1832, and since then they have become an innovative, trend-setting company. The owner of Bassano Parquet and her daughters, who are designers, are constantly designing new product lines that you won’t find anywhere else.


Floors for those who think big. Don’t expect exaggerated modesty from French supplier Panaget! This company focuses on customary French easy-going luxury, the icing on the cake of every interior. The sophisticated production process combines technical skill with state-of-the-art technologies, resulting in a varied range of collections honed by more than 90 years of experience.