Wooden wall panels

Enhance the impact of your wooden flooring by seamlessly extending it onto the walls. Full-surface or panel wall cladding will cozy up your home or showroom, while improving the space’s acoustic properties.

The perfect harmony

You’re creating a flawless interior where everything harmonizes down to the last detail. Therefore, wall cladding in terms of shape, color, and material must complement the flooring. It’s up to you whether you choose full-surface cladding or partial paneling.

azalea / Foglie d ´oro

Wooden cladding as art

Wooden slats on the wall add coziness to an interior, but why not elevate wooden cladding to art? Patented panels from the Italian brand Foglie d’Oro, with their striking 3D surface texture, allow for creating impactful patterns on the wall. You can use them to clad an entire wall or just the space behind the TV or the bed’s headboard.

code 3D / Foglie d’ Oro

Natural materials

We use oak, American and European walnut, or birch for wooden wall cladding. The most demanding coverings are additionally inlaid with marble or brass. All the wood comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC / PEFC certified) and as a natural material, it’s suitable even for those with allergies.

wave / Bassano Parquet

Stop by with an architect

Wooden floors and wall panels offer enormous customization options tailored to your interior. That’s why we encourage you to bring your architect or interior designer to our showroom. From extensive material samples, shapes, and colors, together you can select the most suitable solution for your project.

tribeca 3D / Foglie d ´oro

All wooden wall panels from the collection

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Wooden wall panels tailored to your needs

Visit our showroom and together we will choose the most suitable type, finish and colour of wood for your interior.

Personal consultation

Valen&Masar wall panels delivery procedure

1. Wall panels selection

In our showroom we can help you choose the right type of wood, finish, colour and pattern. In addition, we can provide matching wooden floor and staircases as well as fitted or solitary furniture.

2. Production

We will order your dream wall panels from our exclusive collaborators – expert flooring specialists in Italy, the Netherlands or France.

3. Installation

We will measure everything precisely and ensure the symmetry of the resulting layout of the panels so that a perfect image is created on the wall. We care about every detail and millimetre.

The wall panels are just the beginning

We can also produce matching staircases, wooden floors or custom-built and solitary wooden furniture.

Foglie d Oro Azalea Ca Bollani

Wooden floors

Wooden furniture