Valen&Masar visiting Foglie d’Oro

Italy is the cradle of fashion, design and sets the direction in many other sectors. When the creative strengths of Italy are combined with exceptional quality, Foglie d´ Oro wooden floors and Arte Brotto furniture are created. We were honored to see everything with our own eyes!

The Foglie d’Oro factory is located in the village of Rosa, not far from the picturesque town of Bassano del Grapa. The smell of wood can be felt at every step – and in order not to, thanks to the fact that Foglie d’ Oro owns its own forests and sawmills, all production processes are carried out directly in this vast area. Including 2 years of wood drying. Another advantage is undoubtedly the cooperation with leading Italian designers and architects, led by the renowned Marco Piva, who designed his own collection of Elementa floors, as well as furniture.

It is not only their extraordinary quality of wood processing that is exceptional, but also the art of combining wood with other elements such as marble, brass or leather. Simply put, Foglie d´ Oro and Arte Brotto are a kingdom for all lovers of quality and design.

Text: Valen&Masar

Photo: Valen&Masar