Massive wooden floors Raw Nature Organica Magnifice

What others consider imperfections, you consider uniqueness. Your dream floor is made of large, handcrafted planks. You can’t wait to feel every growth ring and curve beneath your fingers. This is where you belong.

To feel every curve

The wooden planks from this collection stand out due to the high level of handcrafting, which enhances the uniqueness of each piece of wood. It preserves its natural character and turns every imperfection into a feature designed by nature itself. A piece of forest in your interior.

Wooden planks Opera Prima

Opera Prima Efetto Calce / Bassano Parquet

Majestic planks

The wooden floor planks labeled as Jumbo reach lengths of up to four meters and truly exude a majestic presence in any interior. You can choose from various surface finishes, colors, and wood species. Available options include oak or European and American walnut. However, we are also happy to provide any other type of wood you desire.

Jumbo Ca’ Briani / Foglie d’ Oro

With respect to nature

Valen&Masar floors originate from sustainably managed forests (FSC / PEFC certification) and, being a natural material, are suitable even for allergy sufferers. We treat wooden floors exclusively with natural oils or varnishes, and if the floor is glued, we use formaldehyde-free adhesives.

Minster Leeds / Original Chapel Parket

What about maintenance?

Simply secure movable furniture pieces to prevent scratching the parquet, and use a cleaning solution designed for wooden floors during cleaning. Four-legged pets are warmly welcomed. And because we deeply believe in the durability of wood in households, we offer an extended warranty on all our floors.

Opera Prima Buenos Aires / Bassano Parquet

All wooden floors from the collection

Minster Howden

Original Chapel Parket


Minster Herrigbone Lyn

Original Chapel Parket


Jumbo Ca’ Briani

Foglie d’ Oro

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Minster Leeds

Original Chapel Parket

Wooden planks Opera Prima

Opera Prima Efetto Calce

Bassano Parquet


Minster Grimsby

Original Chapel Parket


Opera Prima Buenos Aires

Bassano Parquet


Opera Prima Nature

Bassano Parquet


Wooden floors tailored to your needs

Visit our showroom and together we will choose the most suitable type, finish, colour and pattern of flooring for your interior.

Personal consultation

Valen&Masar floor delivery procedure

1. Floor selection

In our showroom we can help you choose the right type of wood, finish, colour and laying pattern. In addition, we can provide matching wood panelling and staircases as well as fitted or solitary furniture.

2. Production

We will order your dream floor from our exclusive collaborators – expert flooring specialists in Italy, the Netherlands or France.

3. Disassembly

We will strip the existing floor, remove the damaged subfloor and dispose of all the waste material.

4. Subfloor preparation

We will reinforce, level and sanitise the base layer. In case it is not in good condition, we will create a completely new subfloor. This will significantly enhance the durability of the new floor and the acoustic comfort of your home.

5. Installation

Under the hands of our floor fitters, a flawless pattern is created on the floor. That’s why every detail and every millimetre matters. We measure everything with precision, meticulously lay the floor and ensure the symmetry of the resulting design.

6. Maintenance

We will show you how to care for your wooden floor correctly so that it retains its beauty and lasts for many years. You can contact us at any time and we will re-treat it and remove the naturally occurring patina. Of course, we offer an extended warranty.

The wooden floor is just the beginning

We can also produce matching staircases, wall panels or custom-built and solitary wooden furniture.

Wooden wall panels

Wooden furniture