Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero
Solid wooden table Vero

Solid wooden table Vero

Every Vero table by Arte Brotto is a unique artisanal masterpiece created from two planks of solid oak or American walnut cut from the central part of the same trunk. The planks are joined by handcrafted joints made of wood or metal in various finishes. The tabletop can be paired with design legs made of wood, metal, or marble. The length of the table ranges from 2.2 to 3.5 meters depending on the chosen planks. We will assist you in selecting the variant that best suits your interior.

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Arte Brotto furniture

Visit our showroom, and together we will choose the most suitable configuration, type of wood, surface finish, and color scheme for your interior.


Arte Brotto: Blending traditional craftsmanship and modern design

Young apprentice Sante Giorgio Brotto decided to apply his talent and knowledge of woodworking techniques – this is how the Italian wooden furniture brand Arte Brotto began to emerge in 1966. Over the years, it has grown into a dynamic enterprise that draws from the centuries-old tradition of woodworking in the Venetian region and further develops it. The collection includes modern and traditional designs united by quality craftsmanship and the materials used – solid wood from American walnut trees and oaks that have grown in forests owned by the Brotto family.

With consideration for nature and people's health

Thanks to their foresighted approach, the Brotto family gradually gained control over the entire supply chain. Oaks grow in sustainably managed forests owned by the family and are then cut in company-owned sawmills in Hungary, Romania, and Italy. Newly, the entire process is documented using blockchain technology, allowing the origin of the material to be traced back to the tree it came from. All the wood used has international FSC certification, and only environmentally friendly and human health-friendly natural products are used for its surface treatment.

Frequently asked questions

The Arte Brotto brand, which we exclusively represent in the Czech and Slovak markets, can customize both.

For built-in furniture, the focus is mainly on wardrobes and storage systems. However, if you have, for example, a detailed kitchen project from an interior designer, we can also manufacture it according to the documentation.

The majority of our offerings consist of standalone furniture such as chairs, wardrobes, bars, chests of drawers, etc. These have a specific design, and you can choose the type and surface treatment of the wood, as well as upholstery, metal, marble, or ceramic finishes.

Current wood processing methods combined with traditional wood staining techniques essentially have no limits. Well-chosen applications of lacquers or hard wax oils allow us to achieve countless combinations, and the color palette is almost unlimited.

The manufacturer Arte Brotto has proven know-how accumulated over the years. They know how to create surface treatments that ensure long-term color stability, health safety, and a unique appearance.

Furniture is most commonly made from oak or American walnut. Some pieces can be made from ebony.

You can have our wooden furniture upholstered with one of 48 fabrics or 8 leather variants. We will gladly show you samples at our showroom in Vinohrady, Prague.

All Arte Brotto furniture is classified as solid. It is either made entirely of solid wood or from single- or three-layer solid panels (known as wooden block boards). These panels are glued, making them stronger, and the wood is less prone to expansion. An additional 3-6 millimeter layer of visible wood can then be applied to these panels. Unlike veneer, which typically has a thickness of 0.6-1.8 mm, this surface layer is more durable.

Furniture is most commonly made from oak or American walnut. Some pieces can be made from ebony.

We exclusively collaborate with the Italian brand Arte Brotto, headquartered in Italy near Venice. We have exceptional relationships with them, and our team regularly visits their workshops to bring you their latest products.

The entire process usually begins in our showroom in Vinohrady, Prague, where you select wooden furniture according to your preferences. In the case of built-in furniture, we then measure your interior and prepare a detailed calculation. After its approval and payment of the deposit invoice, we initiate furniture production. Production and delivery typically take 10-12 weeks. You will receive an exact schedule from us after confirming your order.

Wood is a material that has played a prime role in interiors for centuries. It is no coincidence that the appearance of wood is the most copied pattern for laminate surfaces, wallpapers, and ceramic tiles. However, compared to them, it does not depreciate over time. On the contrary, over time, the much-desired aesthetic patina is created.

Additionally, it is a natural material that brings a piece of nature into our homes. It has been proven that we feel better in its presence, and moreover, it is one of the few sustainable materials with which we can furnish our homes or apartments.

With proper care, wooden furniture can serve several generations. Considering the quality of processing, properties, and additional maintenance, it is still the best investment.

We have been working with wood for over 10 years and have gone through the entire process – from discussions with foresters, through processing in sawmills, wholesale sales, to the creation of custom wooden floors by Valen&Masar. Therefore, we understand wood inside and out, and the longer we work with it, the more we appreciate it.

The Italian brand Arte Brotto, which we exclusively represent, is a top player in the field of wooden interior elements and furniture, with a tradition dating back to 1966. They are accustomed to creating furniture according to customers' wishes, so nothing is a problem for us.

Can you provide stairs and wooden floors in the same wood shade?
Yes, we can perfectly coordinate your entire interior. Using the same processes, we can create wooden floors, wall claddings, wooden stairs, as well as standalone and built-in furniture. As a result, all wooden elements will have the same shade and will perfectly match each other. This will be particularly appreciated over time when natural UV radiation begins to patinate the surfaces. Or during maintenance, which will be uniform for all interior elements.

Wood is the most ecological material in the world. It is a renewable resource formed by solar energy and atmospheric carbon. The health benefits in the interior are undeniable; wood is very hygienic and antibacterial. Tannins, or tannic acids, naturally kill bacteria on the surface, resulting in what is called "clean dirt."

All the wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests and has FSC or PEFC certification. The manufacturer Arte Brotto even uses blockchain technology to document the exact origin of the tree used for your floor.