New Elementa Collection

Elementa – The name that embodies this meeting of minds is Elementa: a collection of premium-quality wood floors that form the elements of a creative syntax able to build unique, distinctive creations. This new collection of modular wooden floors was inaugurated at the end of March in Milan.

The architect and designer Marco Piva likes to define himself first and foremost as a traveller, and the essential inspiration for the Elementa collection comes from his anthropological approach, his penchant for travel and his desire to explore the cultures his projects resonate with. The meeting of minds between Marco Piva and Foglie d’Oro is as natural as the material in which their bond is crafted – wood, in all its marvellous versatility – and the shapes that inspire the floors in the Elementa collection they have created together. Foglie d’Oro meets internationally renowned architect and designer Marco Piva at a natural crossroads between two paths – indeed two journeys – that have set out from Italy and made their way over the years through the world’s major capitals and cities, tuning into and helping to shape a distinctly characteristic yet impressively versatile idea of contemporary luxury

Marco Piva’s international experience and his aptitude for travel and exploration – his anthropological vision of living spaces – is the source that inspires this collection, which springs forth spontaneously, yet is designed with consummate skill, offering a chance to rediscover the creativity implicit in natural shapes by turning them into a design experience The six different types of flooring are able to bring on board a variety of influences, while remaining distinctly recognisable and maintaining their identity. The grain and the distinctive features of the Walnut and Oak wood provide the inspiration for patterns with a subtle yet clearly recognisable decorative impact. Each module offers a variety of layout options, each of which can be enhanced with material or colour contrasts to create surfaces that take on a sophisticated allure thanks to the inserts available, which can be chosen both with different wood finishes and with metal or marble features, creating original combinations suitable for a range of diverse living styles.
The floors are made from only the finest woods, which have no secrets for Foglie d’Oro, thanks to the complete control exercised over the production chain, from the choice of the material directly at the source – responsibly, sustainably managed European forests, with privately-owned sawmills – through to installation. The company boasts a technical team of impressive experience and a 100% in-house production system, with an unrivalled amount and quality of wood at their disposal.

Text: Valen&Masar

Photo: Foglie d´Oro